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It has now been more than a year since we, Sigrid, the children and I 'turned the wheel'. When I look back, it actually all happened very quickly. It wasn't even a long-held dream of ours, but an impulse to want to change. It was also not the case that we no longer enjoyed ourselves in the Netherlands, certainly not to leave our 'neighborhoods'. But we wanted a change.

And so we went looking for something far from our comfort zone, and as it turns out, it isn't. It was Austria, because we already have a holiday home there, so we thought that was a good idea.

After some research we found a boarding house in Pörtschach am Wörthersee that could be 'traded' with both of us. Five rooms with a total of 10 beds and preparing a fantastic breakfast for our guests.

Realized from decision to move in a time frame of just under 6 months. And what a first season we played, met so many nice guests, learned so much and got so much more #qualitytime. But also working hard to have everything spick and span again for the next guests.

All in all a good choice so far.

#pension #change #roam

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Published 17-03-2022 / Copyright © Pension Kitty